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The Fletcher House is the 2015 Garcia Family Project. We will be designing, building, and decorating a Second Empire style dollhouse in 1/12th scale. This blog will chronicle our successes, our failures, and general chaos and pandemonium.....

Watch This!

Shawshank Redemption
Schindlers List
The Shining
The Day After Tomorrow
The Wizard of Oz
The Sound of Music
The English Patient
Forest Gump
Life is Beautiful
Kitchen Stories
The Motorcycle Diaries
Ballad of a Soldier
The Machinist
Night on Earth
Children of Heaven
Down by Law
P.S I Love You

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  1. Films, I love films. Especially The Sound of Music. Especially that. I think if I had to take one to a desert island that would be it. It has everything in that film. No I can't! I have to take two! The Railway Children. You MUST see it.
    No! Wait! A third Cinema Paradiso! That you MUST MUST see and you'll see it again and again.

    Glad you like these too:
    The Shining
    Schindler's List
    Wizard of Oz
    Forest Gump

    Jen you might like Il Postino too :)
    Maybe The Big Blue and possibly Leon.
    I will stop here as I could go on and on.
    And if you ever publish a TV list try to watch The Singing Detective and all sixteen hours or more of Heimat.